Dear God, Pick Me.

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Concordia University, St. Paul Chapel

On Friday, April 19, 2012 at 7:30pm, Concordia University, St. Paul hosted a Jubilate Easter Vespers Service. The service was titled "When in our Music God is Glorified", and centered on the idea of glorifying God through music and praise in each piece. The service was interactive, thus giving the congregation the opportunity to glorify god in their praises as well. But, the best part of being a part of the audience had to be witnessing and feeling the glory of God's presence in the chapel during the gospel piece and the reading of scripture during the service. 


In class, Honors students attempted to define 'glory of God' or explain what it meant to 'glorify God', but even after the discussion the definition was unclear. While each definition could be subjective, during the concert, it seemed that the act of praising God and crediting Him for the ability to do so beautifully was in itself giving glory to God. When the hair rose on the necks and arms of audience members, awe filled the chapel, and passion was felt in the voice of each choir member, that is what it means to give glory to God.  God is always present everywhere, in everything, in past, present, and future, but when one can literally feel God's presence - boy oh boy - he's really there. 

To God Be The Glory

This may not clarify the definition much further, but it does make me eager and excited to find a way to glorify God in all that I do. To have that sense of reassurance in a career where I can help people and feel so right about what I am doing, that is all I want. While money is essential for survival, my biggest dream is to be where God wants me to be, and love doing what He wants me to do. During my service-learning experience, it felt great to help people, but to be able to feel passionately about what I do, that is my deepest desire. I want to know God, I want that personal relationship, and man-oh-man I would love to be that crazy happy-all-the-time Christian who can say that I truly feel called by the Holy Spirit to do what I do. Take me God! I am awaiting your call. 

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